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AIR Group : The Association of Independent Retailers

It’s with great excitement and enormous pride that we announce the formation and launch of the Association of Independent Retailers (AIR Group).

Quality, service, knowledge, passion and dedication to the sport we all love is becoming increasingly rare across the angling industry, and it was this realisation that has brought together a group of the top independent angling retail stores in the country. As anglers ourselves, as well as being tackle dealers, we care passionately for the long-term future of our sport and want to work together to protect and safeguard it. We are looking to work with the truly innovative manufacturers who put something back, not just copy or piggy-back on others hard work, to work with the fishery owners who care for the wellbeing of the environment, and with the anglers who have a real love for angling and those who have a thirst for knowledge.

We have a vision born from a shared passion to encourage, promote and support innovation, knowledge and the growth of angling. Whether they be manufacturer, retailer, fishery or angler, we all have a vital role in the health and growth of angling, and the creation of AIR is a major step in recognising this aim.

AIR has four main objectives:

The members of AIR are taking the first steps together, and we would love to see our objectives shared across the industry and across the sport. We are already working closely with leading figures in angling to plan the future. Our hope is that all anglers who share our vision and our hopes for the advancement of the sport show their support.

United in our desire to improve angling for all, this unique collective made an impact in its first few days. The launch of the limited edition pink Spomb is the first in a series of unique products commissioned by AIR and exclusively available in the stores that form the group. The Air Group along with Fox International decided to donate £2 from every sale of the pink Spomb to Breast Cancer UK.

There will be more announcements and more unique products to follow which will be produced by innovative manufacturers and exclusively available through the stores that make up AIR. To get these products or to get more information please contact any member of AIR.

Proud sponsors of

Ladies Carp Team England

When the AIR Group proposed that they would like to sponsor the Ladies Carp Team England, it was perfect timing for both the recently formed group and the Ladies Carp Team, ahead of what will be their biggest year yet. 2020 sees the first ever Women’s Carp Angling World Championships taking place and England won the bid to host the event. England were the first country to form an official Women’s team, so be able to host the first official World Championship event is very fitting...

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